1.1. In accordance to Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, the Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter, the LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, approving the modification of the LOPD (hereinafter, the RDLOPD), COMING2 DESTINATION MANAGEMENT, S.A. (hereinafter, COMING2) hereby informs Users of this Website (hereinafter, the Website) of its policy regarding the processing and protection of personal data of those who voluntarily provide identification for any communication or contact with COMING2 or for any other service provided by the Website that implies the transfer of personal data to COMING2, such as services requiring prior registration or completion of a contact form.

1.2. COMING2 informs Website Users that this privacy policy contains all aspects related to the processing of personal data that COMING2 carries out as the responsible party for the COMING2 Website. Users expressly and fully accept this policy simply by transferring their personal data to COMING2 by using any of the services provided on this Website and by providing their personal data in any way and through any of the communication channels provided on this Website. Should this policy be replaced, in part or in full, by another, the new policy shall be understood to be accepted in an identical way to the former one. However, it remains the responsibility of Website Users to access this privacy and personal data protection policy periodically in order to be aware of the treatment of the personal data provided to COMING2.

1.3. Likewise, Users are hereby informed that these terms and conditions shall be of subsidiary application to others set forth governing the same matters in particular and/or special cases and which shall be communicated to Users through means including but not limited to registration forms, contract terms and conditions or specific terms and conditions of specific services, considering these policies as complementary to the previous and those of subsequent application in the points that do not contradict them.

1.4. Users are hereby informed that any processing of personal data shall be governed by the legislation in force in Spain for personal data protection, pursuant to the LOPD and its subsequent amendments and provisions.

1.5. For the purposes of this policy, personal data is understood to be any information relating to identified or identifiable individuals –including e-mail addresses and/or IP addresses–. A User is understood to mean any identified or identifiable individual who provides their personal data to COMING2 by e-mail, completing information forms, use of services aimed at Site Users or any other service offered on this Website that implies the transfer of personal data to COMING2.


COMING2 informs Website Users of the existence of several processes and files containing personal data under the responsibility of COMING2 DESTINATION MANAGEMENT, S.A. with registered address in Plaza Mediterráneo 5, 07014, Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, where any personal data provided by Users for any reason to COMING2 is gathered and stored.


If Users are under fourteen (14) or legally disqualified, COMING2 hereby advises of the need to provide consent from their parents or legal guardians to communicate their personal data. COMING2 therefore asks Users to refrain from using e-mail, contact forms or any other services available through the Website if said consent is not obtained. COMING2 is not liable for the actions of minors under fourteen (14) or legally disqualified persons.


4.1. Users accessing the COMING2 Website are not required to provide information on personal data. Therefore, any communication of data to this effect is entirely voluntary on the User's behalf having decided to take advantage of custom browsing or use of services. Therefore, any personalised communication between Users and COMING2 through any means whatsoever carries with it the free, unequivocal, specific and informed consent for the Users' personal data to be processed by COMING2.

4.2. However, COMING2 also makes available, including but not limited to, personal data forms and/or other systems to obtain information through which goods and services may be purchased on this Website, in addition to obtaining subscriptions to newsletters, sending queries, making comments or suggestions as well as requesting information from COMING2.

4.3. Personal data shall only be used for limited purposes and Users will be given advanced notice in each specific case, requesting unequivocal prior consent to the reuse and process their personal data. In this sense, Users are informed that the information, as regards the processing of their personal data, published by COMING2 prior to the collection in the information texts accompanying the forms or services of the Website, shall prevail over the content of these policies.

4.4. COMING2 shall not request or process sensitive information on Users, as set forth in articles 7 and 8 of the LOPD: data related to race or ethnic origins, religious beliefs, criminal records, physical or mental health and sexual orientation. If COMING2 were to require sensitive information, express consent shall be asked of Users to collect and use this information, providing Users with unambiguous information on the purpose of collecting and processing said information. If for any reason said information is communicated voluntarily, without COMING2 having requested it, by Users, said communication shall be considered express consent by Users concerning the processing of data by COMING2.


5.1. Users without any legal relationship with COMING2 must take into account and are informed that sending an e-mail to COMING2 to the e-mail addresses published on the Website, as well as communication by Users to COMING2 of any other personal data via any medium, means or implies they give free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent to the processing of their personal data by COMING2.

5.2. Users may only complete the forms on this Site by providing COMING2 with exact and current data corresponding to their own identity, and not using the data of third parties.

5.3. Additionally User data may be processed in general, without limitation and by way of example, for the following purposes: (i) If Users contact COMING2 to ask questions, make suggestions or request information, their data will be processed in order to respond to the communications received, taking into account suggestions, as well as sending information requested of COMING2; (ii) If the data are provided to register on the site, the data will be processed to guarantee User registration and creation of their profile with COMING2, so that they may make use of the site services that require this registration; (iii) When Users register on this site with their social media credentials, the owners of these social media networks will send COMING2 certain personal data that Users must have previously authorised in order to guarantee successful registration; (iv) If data are provided for the use of an online service, the data will be processed in order to manage the use of this service. This could include verifying Users' identities and/or sending keys to enable access and use of the service. Nevertheless, this information will be specifically indicated in the conditions of each contract that the user of specific services may be subject to and on the data request forms that are used for data collection; (iv) When Users expressly accept or request the receipt of business communications from COMING2 regarding the promotion of musical events or receipt of the newsletter, their data will be processed to manage sending these communications or the newsletter, as well as the possible revocation of Users' consent or opposition to the processing, or cancellation of service registration.

5.4. Users who do not agree to the processing of their data for the purposes mentioned above or, if applicable, for other purposes that COMING2 may inform them of, should not communicate nor send their personal data to COMING2 and should always browse the Website anonymously.

5.5. Personal information will only be used for limited purposes, as previously stated and/or without limitation, for those purposes that, if applicable, have been unequivocally communicated to Users prior to collection and processing.

5.6. In accordance with the above, within the framework of providing electronic business services offered via the Website, COMING2 may at any time request personal data from Users of its Website through forms or other means. In such cases, COMING2 will include an informative notice on the data collection form indicating all the conditions for processing personal data in accordance with article 5 of the LOPD, such as whether answering questions is required or optional, the consequences of obtaining the data or the refusal to provide them, the purpose of data collection, any possible transfers of such data and, if applicable, request consent for any processing of personal data. Likewise, services with specific conditions will include the corresponding informative text of the conditions that govern the use of that service in particular. These policies are always complementary and subsidiary to the informative texts indicated in those points where they do not conflict.


6.1. COMING2 only intends to transfer or communicate data to those they are required by virtue of article 11.2.c of the LOPD, in compliance with their obligations to the Public Administrations and when required in accordance to current legislation on each matter at each time and, if applicable, to other bodies such as Judges, Public Prosecutor, Courts, Court of Auditors or Ombudsman.

6.2. Similarly COMING2 informs Users that if it must transfer data to other third parties, it will previously inform Users expressly, precisely and unequivocally of the recipients of the information, the purpose for which the data are required and the nature of the data transferred, or, if applicable when the LOPD so establishes, after Users have been requested to give their unequivocal, specific and informed consent. To that end, Users must pay special attention to any information provided on the personal data collection forms published on the Website.


7.1. COMING2 advises Users that the organisation is only responsible and guarantees confidentiality, security and processing of data in accordance with this policy, with respect to personal data collected from Users via the Website. It has no responsibility for processing and subsequent use of personal data by third-party information society service providers who may access such data for providing their services or conducting their activities.

7.2. Information society service providers included but are not limited to individuals or legal entities providing the following services: (i) transmission by communication network of data provided by service recipients; (ii) access services to the aforementioned network; (iii) data storage or warehousing services; and (iv) provision of content or information.

7.3. Likewise, COMING2 is not responsible for data processing performed by third parties who establish hyperlinks with COMING2, nor for data processing by those responsible when COMING2 sends Users to their Website via hyperlinks.

7.4. COMING2 is also not responsible for data processing performed by third parties to which COMING2 communicates User personal data by virtue of this section.


COMING2 advises users that, except in the case of legally constituted representation, Users may not use the identity of another person and communicate the other person's personal data. Therefore, Users must take into account at all times that if they use e-mail, they may only include the personal data corresponding to their own identity and that those data are appropriate, relevant, current, correct and true. To that end, Users alone shall be responsible for any damages, direct and/or indirect, caused to third parties or to COMING2, that the use of personal data of another person, or if their own personal data are false, erroneous, inappropriate or irrelevant, may entail. Likewise, Users who communicate personal data of a third party shall answer to that party for the obligations established in article 5.4 of the LOPD when the personal data have not been collected directly from the interested party, and/or for the consequences of not having informed him or her.


COMING2 publishes personal data on the Website that are part of one or several files for which COMING2 is responsible. These data may not be freely processed nor reproduced by Website Users, not even making reference to the data source, except when they obtain prior authorisation and informed consent of the interested party. The interested party is informed that this Website is not a publicly accessible source for the purposes of the personal data protection legislation. Personal data published on the Website include but are not limited to any numeric, alphabetic, graphical, photographic, audio or any other type of information concerning identified or identifiable individuals, such as name, surnames, e-mail addresses, photos, videos, images of events held by COMING2 and other information. Therefore, all personal data, including images, videos, texts, data and any other information published on the Website about identified and/or identifiable individuals, may only be used by Users for the purpose of taking part in the services and contents in the ways established in the Website usage policies and this privacy and personal data protection policy, for private purposes, within the framework of current legislation and for non-profit and non-commercial purposes of any nature. Any uses other than those indicated are expressly prohibited, including the incorporation of images or data into files or processing by Users and/or creation of databases of people and/or sending of advertising or transfer to third parties, without prior informed consent of the interested party. COMING2 shall not be held liable for the uses made by third-party Users contravening the provisions of this clause.


10.1. Social media are services offered by third-party providers that enable Users to take part in a virtual community with other Users, through which they can generate their own public profiles for creating and sharing content, information and personal data with other network Users. In social media, Users may create and share pages, accounts or profiles for personal and/or commercial purposes. The operation of social media is governed firstly by the conditions established by the owner and/or provider of the network and, secondly, when pages, accounts or profiles for commercial aims are involved, by the terms and conditions established by the person responsible for the commercial profile or account that, if applicable, will also be responsible for processing users' data.

10.2. COMING2 may have profiles and/or official pages on some social media, such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Flickr. Users may follow us and/or be COMING2 fans or followers on the social media networks mentioned and in other social media in which, in the future, COMING2 may publish an official page.

10.3. Our sites and official pages on social media are directed toward users over the age of fourteen (14). Therefore, Users wishing to form part of our sites and official pages on social media must be older than fourteen (14) years of age, having previously accepted the conditions and policies published by COMING2 in each case, on the official page or social media profile. These conditions shall be considered to have been fully accepted by Users by the mere fact of being a follower of our official social media site or page.

10.4. COMING2 is responsible for the administration of the official social media sites and pages provided that the official sites and pages are created by COMING2.

10.5. If Users become followers of official COMING2 sites and pages, the use of the official sites and pages and User personal data processing will be governed by the specific conditions established and published on each official site or page. Becoming a "friend" or "follower" of our official social media sites and pages implies that Users consent to the processing of their data as established by the policies and conditions that govern their use in each case.

10.6. COMING2 shall not be responsible for unofficial sites and pages that other third parties may create on social media. Therefore, Users are advised to activate the option of "follow COMING2" only through our Website.

10.7. COMING2 is responsible for data processing performed via its official social media sites and pages. If Users become friends or followers of our official social media sites and pages, their personal data will be processed with the aim of correctly administering the official site or page, finding out their opinions and/or obtaining their comments, as well as informing them and having them participate in our stage programme, news, promotions, loyalty programmes and events.

10.8. In each case, Users will be informed that COMING2 may delete any information from official social media sites and pages that goes against the rules established in the legal conditions governing the official sites and pages, the general conditions for use established by the provider or owner of the social media network, as well as the provisions in the law, morals or public order.

10.9. Similarly, social media owners or providers may delete content that, either ex oficio or by complaint from other Users, goes against the law or rules of operation imposed by the provider of the social media involved.

10.10. To stop following the COMING2 site or any of the official social media pages, Users must follow the steps indicated in the conditions of operation and use of each social media provider; COMING2 cannot intervene in this process. However, COMING2 reserves the right to create, edit, modify and/or delete the official sites and/or pages without informing Users in advance.

10.11. For more information on the privacy and personal data protection policy and conditions for use of our official social media sites and pages, Users may view the legal notices that are published on each of the official sites and pages of the various social media networks.


11.1 To ensure that the Website is properly managed, and to facilitate correct browsing and use of its services, both COMING2 and third-party information society service providers of COMING2 may use "cookies" (small text files stored in Users' browsers) to store and aggregate information. COMING2 may use tools to track information in its systems and identify Website User categories through points such as IP address, domain, browser type, and pages visited.

11.2. Users can read our Cookies Policy to find out which cookies the site uses, as well as their purpose, how to accept their use, how to disable cookies and the consequences of doing so.


COMING2 informs Users that, in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD and the RDLOPD, the necessary technical and organisational measures have been adopted to guarantee security of personal data and avoid their alteration, loss, processing or unauthorised access, taking into account the state of the technology, nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, either from human action or physical or natural means, and that it only records personal data in files that meet the conditions established in the Regulations with respect to their integrity and security and to those of processing centres, offices, equipment, systems and programs. Likewise, COMING2 guarantees the Users that it will comply with its duty of professional secrecy with respect to Users' personal data and its duty to protect them.


Users are the only information source for their personal data, so COMING2 requests that they report any changes to the address indicated for the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, so that their data may be kept up to date and current at all times in accordance with the principles of the LOPD.


14.1. COMING2 informs Users of the option of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by request in writing to COMING2 DESTINATION MANAGEMENT, S.A. at the following address: Plaza Mediterráneo, 5, 07014 Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands) or the address that replaces it and is reported to the Data Protection General Register. To that end, the interested party must send written communication to COMING2 indicating the request or right exercised, together with a copy of the two sides of their national identity document (DNI) or legally valid document that proves their identity.

14.2. Exercising this right is personal, so the interested party may exercise the rights personally providing their identity; through their legal representative, in which case such a condition must be proven; and/or through a voluntary representative, expressly appointed to exercise the right.

14.3. In cases of representation, the identity of the represented party must be clearly proven by providing a copy of their national identity document or equivalent document and the representation conferred by the person represented.

14.4. Communication sent to COMING2 must always expressly indicate the request or right that is being exercised.


15.1. Users who have authorised COMING2 to send commercial communications by e-mail and/or have requested COMING2 to send these types of communications are informed that under articles 21 and 22 of the LSSICE, Users have the right to oppose the processing of their data for promotional purposes, the receipt of commercial communications, as well as the right to revoke their consent at any time, by simply notifying COMING2 of their wishes.

15.2. To do so, Users may notify COMING2 of their opposition and/or revocation of consent by sending of e-mail to the address:


16.1. COMING2 will occasionally update the privacy and personal data protection policy of the Website. However, Users should take into account that the processing of their data will be regulated, whenever data are communicated to COMING2, by the regulations current at the time they provided their personal data to COMING2.

16.2. It is always the Users' responsibility to access COMING2's published privacy and personal data protection policies periodically, so that they always know the latest version.


17.1. COMING2 advises Users to use the latest versions of computer programs for browsing the Internet, given that these have the best security measures incorporated.

17.2. Similarly, COMING2 advises Users to use the security mechanisms they have available (secure web servers, cryptography, digital signature, firewall, etc.) to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their data to the level that is necessary, given that there are risks of identity theft and violation of communications.

17.3. COMING2 reminds Users that the Internet is not totally safe and secure. However, measures exist and are being developed to enable improved protection of their data. Users should therefore use any measures available to protect their data and communications, such as legally available encoding for confidential e-mail and access codes for their own PCs.

17.4. COMING2 advises Users that when they provide personal information on the Internet by means of e-mail, news groups, discussion forums, etc., they are always aware that this information may be tracked and processed for purposes that are not desired by Users. Therefore, COMING2 advises Users to inform themselves about the confidentiality and privacy policies of the online sites they visit.

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